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The all revealing drinking game!

Never Have I Ever is the must have app with over 2,000 funny, revealing and dirty statements! Walk on the edge of sanity and reveal all, in this uncensored, unrestricted drinking game. Try all different game modes and play the funniest classic Never Have I Ever today.

Constant updates for the Never Have I Ever app made it the app market leader for Never Have I Ever games. The app receives continuous content updates in more than nine languages, providing a great experience for players all around the world.

About the app

Never Have I Ever has been available on the App Store for 10+ years. It’s the first high-quality Never Have I Ever game available on mobile phones.

An early version of Never Have I Ever was released in November 2010, when the Apple App Store just celebrated its 2nd anniversary. The app that we know today is its predecessor and was made by Vanilla in 2015 and released on both app stores.

Never Have I Ever is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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